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Twin Lake Parks in Juneau- What Not to Miss

Whether you’re a visiting for a few hours or for an extended period, Twin Lakes Park offers amazing history, beauty, and opportunity for adventure. To ensure you do not miss out on anything this amazing park has to offer, below is a comprehensive list of sights and activities to partake in during your stay.


Kayaking and Rafting

Viewing Lake Clark National Park and Preserve by water is an unparalleled experience. Whether you are seeking a tranquil paddle or a thrilling river run, Twin Lake is a great place to plan your adventure.


Sport Fishing

Both novice and veteran fishers can enjoy sport fishing in this remote wilderness location.


Experience Wilderness in Hope Creek Valley

If you are up for an invigorating hike, the Hope Creek Valley trail climbs through the lush landscape and features impressive, jagged peaks emerging through the clouds and the sound of Hope Creek rushing below.


Hike Towards Cowgill Benches

This leisurely trail from the Hope Creek campground leads you to Cowgill Benches, which is the perfect place to pick berries in the late summer and fall, indulge in gorgeous views, and experience rugged Alaskan wilderness.


Richard L. Proenneke Cabin

You can experience the home of Alaska’s foremost wilderness icon, Richard L. Proenneke, who built this cabin by hand. Located on the south shore of Upper Twin Lake, Proenneke’s wilderness home showcases his remarkable craftsmanship and reflects his unshakeable wilderness ethic.


Project Playground

Project Playground at Twin Lakes provides children of all ages and abilities a place to stimulate their minds and imaginations — and is arguably Alaska’s premier playground.  Since its construction the playground has been enjoyed by thousands of Juneau’s children and visitors.


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