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Top 5 Helicopter Tours in Juneau

Juneau and its frozen surroundings are awe-inspiring from the ground, but to really get a sense of the vastness of Alaska, you need to take to the skies. A helicopter tour is the perfect way to add a bit of adrenaline to your time in Juneau. Here, we’ve put together some of the most popular helicopter tours from Juneau. Happy flying!

Short Ice Field Helicopter Tours

Juneau is surrounded by some of Alaska’s most impressive ice fields, and the best way to see them is by helicopter. Popular options include trips over the fields towards the glaciers of Herbert, Taku, Lemon and Norris. Whichever one you go for, all feature stunning views of sprawling ice fields framed by snow-capped mountains. Expect the tour to take around an hour, and include at least one landing on your glacier of choice.

We can help you find the best helicopter tours of the Herbert, Taku Lemons and Norris glaciers throughout the high season if you have limited time in Juneau.

Extended Glacier Helicopter Tours

If just an hour isn’t enough, then consider taking a longer, full or half day tour of the ice fields surrounding Juneau’s glaciers. Our experienced concierge team is happy to arrange multi-stop trips at popular glaciers like Lemons, Norris, Herbert and Taku. These longer tours should typically include a short hike on at least one of the glaciers themselves.

These trips usually include around two hours of hiking on a glacier of your choice, depending on weather. Bear in mind that the hikes are usually around 2 miles, which can be surprisingly hard-going on the ice. If you’re not in reasonable physical condition, consider opting for a shorter trip.

Helicopter and Dog Sledding Tours

If a helicopter trip isn’t enough to get your heart pounding, then why not consider combing your excursion with a spot of dog sledding? After seeing the incredible landscape surrounding Juneau from the air, you’ll then have the opportunity to sled across the other-worldly terrain with the help of a few adorable huskies! These combination trips are extremely popular, and it’s best to book well in advance if possible. Expect the round trip to take anywhere between an hour and a half and three hours.

There are three hour helicopter and dog sledding tours on the Herbert Glacier. As mentioned before, book early or you might miss out.

The Pinnacle Experience

If you’d rather see more than just the glaciers and ice fields, consider taking a customizable tour of the coast, alpine interior and even to the Canadian border. These tours go for three hours, and circle around some of the most extreme landscape around Juneau. They include two landings at spots of your choice, with options including waterfalls, glacial lakes and remote woodland areas.

Mendenhall Glacier Tour

The imposing Mendenhall Glacier is easily Juneau’s most well-trodden attraction, but how many visitors get the chance to see this behemoth from the air? A helicopter tour of the Mendenhall Glacier can be one of the most rewarding experiences during your time in Juneau, offering views few people get to see.

We can set you on two and a half hour tours that start from the Mt. Roberts Tramway, and include a half hour hike on the glacier itself.

If you’re interested in any of these tours please get in touch with us! Our concierge can manage the bookings, coordinate pick up and we have special deals with some of them!

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