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Mendenhall Glacier Trek

$319 per person

Hiking, glacier trekking with crampons, ice caves and other glacier features

Cost: $319 per person
Trips require a minimum of 2 people and have a maximum of 12 people.

Trip Duration: ~7.5 hours round trip

Trip Rating: Challenging


Walk through an ecological timeline to get to the mighty Mendenhall where you will be introduced to glacier trekking and the natural history of the area! The trip begins with a drive from your pick up point to the Mendenhall Valley where the West Glacier Trailhead is located.  At the trailhead you will be outfitted with a backpack that includes all of the necessary glacier gear, rain gear, and food and water.  Afterwards you will embark on a three and a half mile trail hike through the temperate rainforest along Mendenhall Lake.  The first mile of the trail is well maintained and relatively flat with the exception of a short uphill switchback section while the second two and a half miles is on an unmaintained strenuous trail.  This strenuous trail is uneven and includes areas of mud, slippery bedrock, loose gravel, rock scrambling, and multiple short, steep up and downhill sections.  Upon reaching the top of the most difficult section of the trail, the rock scramble, all of the effort you’ve invested instantly pays off as the Mendenhall Glacier and the surrounding peaks come into full view.  From this point you will breathe in the scenery with every step as you make your way down an open slope of bedrock to the edge of the ice.

Our glacier trips cater to all ages and abilities, however, you must be in good enough shape to hike for up to 6-6.5 hours, covering over 8 miles roundtrip over rugged terrain (an equivalent to over 12 miles of flat terrain). All clients will need to hike with a backpack the entire way on this trip. We provide a backpack and it weighs approximately 10-15 pounds and holds mountaineering gear, snacks/water, and extra clothing that you bring. 

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