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Mendenhall Glacier Helicopter Adventure

$309.00 per person

SCHEDULE:  Multiple Flights Daily
DURATION:  2 hours (includes transportation)
SUMMARY:  Featured on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, Juneau’s #1 rated excursion–travel back to the Ice Ages with Alaska’s original glacier helicopter tour company! Board a modern turbine-powered helicopter for a flight to the world famous Mendenhall Glacier!
NOTES:  Please read all tour descriptions along with safety regulations and restrictions before booking.


Moments after departing Juneau, you’ll enjoy breathtaking vistas seen by few. Thriving rain forests, alpine ridges, and mountain peaks create a dramatic setting for the awe-inspiring Mendenhall Glacier. Your flight takes you over the glacier itself; the helicopter’s perspective giving you an eagle’s-eye view of ice spires, deep blue crevasses and meltwater pools. Descending towards our landing site, you’ll fly past the Mendenhall Towers — rock sentinels that soar to nearly 7,000 feet!

A gentle landing brings you to the ice itself, where you’ll explore the glacier’s surface with our highly experienced, expert guides. Bring plenty of film (or a large memory card for the digital crowd) and batteries – this is a wonderful opportunity to take once-in-a-lifetime photo. Binoculars are a good bet too, as you never know when you’ll have a chance to see some of Alaska’s famous wildlife!

Duration: Tour includes approximately 30 minutes of flight time and approximately 20 – 25 minutes will be spent on National Forest System Lands, for a total time of 55 minutes. Please allow up to 45 minutes for transportation from dock departure to dock return and safety briefing.

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