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Glacier Canoe Paddle & Trek

$376.95+tax per person

Pricing assumes a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 passengers.

Trip Duration
~6.5 hours roundtrip

Trip Rating: 
Moderate – no experience necessary

Highlights/Trip Activities:  
Paddling near icebergs, close-up views of Mendenhall Glacier & Nugget Falls, Trekking on Glacier, Ice Cave Exploration, showing off photos and bragging about the experience to family and friends following the trip


Age Requirements:
Minimum = 8 years old
Maximum = None as long as they meet the minimum fitness requirements




Our van will transport you a world away, arriving at the edge of Mendenhall Lake- our paddling destination and only the first phase of exploration on this 6.5 hour, family-friendly adventure! After your gear outfitting, paddle orientation and safety briefing, point your bow toward the awe-inspiring glacier ahead and paddle with our informative guides on this silt-rich lake with glowing blue icebergs of all shapes and sizes and reflections of the grand peaks of the Coastal Mountain Range. Mendenhall Lake offers the unique experience of paddling near icebergs, gull and arctic tern nesting cliffs, and giant waterfalls all en route to the terminus of the glacier. Don’t forget to look toward the shorelines, mountains and sky around you for possible wildlife sightings- mountain goats, black bear, porcupine, river otter, beaver, and eagles all inhabit this area!


Upon reaching our beach landing point near the glacier’s edge, the adventure continues as your paddles are traded for backpacks and trekking poles. Leaving your sea legs behind, you’ll venture to the glacier’s edge and onto the ice, taking a journey through time as your expert guides share the natural history of the Mendenhall and help you to explore this awe-inspiring and rapidly changing glacial landscape.


After your trek, you’ll return to your boats and paddle across the lake once more, allowing the visually stunning experience to wash over you before returning to the lake’s edge and reentering the fast-paced world from which this journey through time commenced.


Adventurers of all experience levels are invited to join us on this intimate excursion. With a maximum group of twelve participants, our guides are happy to outfit and orient you and your family to the paddle and glacier trek experience regardless of past paddling or trekking history. The entire family can join us on this multi-sport journey through an ecological timeline to experience the Mendenhall from land and water!

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