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Admiralty Brown Bear Viewing and Kayak

$849 per person

Flight Seeing, Bear Viewing, Sea Kayaking, Hiking

Cost: $849 per person
minimum 2 people, maximum 10 people

Trip Duration: ~8 hours roundtrip

Trip Rating: Easy to Moderate – no experience necessary

Trip Activities: Flight Seeing, Bear Viewing, Sea Kayaking, Hiking


The native Tlingit’s of Southeast Alaska  call Admiralty Island “Kootznoowoo,” which translates to “Fortress of the Bears;” aptly named for the estimated 1,800 brown bears residing on the island.  The island is considered to have one of the highest brown bear and nesting bald eagle population densities on the planet! Additionally, seals and humpback whales ply the waterways, Sitka black-tailed deer silently stalk through the woods, mink and marten bound along the shoreline, and the cries of loons haunt Admiralty’s coast and interior lakes.  This is truly one of Southeast Alaska’s gemstones. 

The full day adventure begins with a 20-30 minute scenic float plane flight to Admiralty Island.  From our Wilderness landing site we collect  our stored kayaks and, following a safety briefing, enjoy a remote sea kayak along the tranquil coastline to Pack Creek or Windfall Harbor.  Once on shore next few hours are spent with activities including: observing brown bears and  learning about their habitat and behavior, stretching our legs on a hike through the old growth forest, watching salmon swim upstream to their spawning grounds, and taking in the scenic grandeur of the entire ecosystem while enjoying lunch on the beach.  As the time for our return flight nears we will load back into the kayaks and paddle back to our initial landing site.  After storing our kayaks and collecting our gear our taxi, in the form of a float plane, announces its arrival with a dull roar that echoes off of the surrounding mountains.  Following the return flight  a van awaits us at the float plane base and brings you back to your ship or local accommodations with photos to share with friends, an increased appreciation of wilderness solitude, and memories to last a lifetime.